Thursday, 26 August 2010


Expect alot of posts on theatrical inspiration, especially circus & Clowns. Their makeup comes in all shapes and sizes and is always fun to look at & i would love to re-create a look suitable to do on a night out - it's certainly on my to-do list! 

Love the one on the left!

I can't get enough of how much character you get from this photo. Amazing!

Even the Queen herself likes to clown around!
Lets not forget about the mimes...

Here's a 'prettier' editorial approach:


Another 'race' in the creative world that are known for their extreme makeup are the glorious Drag Queens. Below is a music video for Silencefiction's Lipstique, featuring female drag queen Fauxnique. I instantly fell in love with their sass and expression when a friend first showed me this. I also love Fauxnique's final look.

Silencefiction - Lipstique (featuring Fauxnique)


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