Thursday, 26 August 2010


Monique Jenkinson aka Fauxnique.

One of a kind female drag queen. I came across Fauxnique after being shown Silencefiction's Lipstique music video, of which she featured in both the song & video. Straight away i was taken by her character, so classy & elegant with a kick of that drag queen flair that we all love, then to top it off her final look at the end of the video was so fabulous i instantly looked her up.

 Her costumes and performances are wonderfully creative, in particular her continuously-changing paper dress in 'Poses', which you can see below:

Fauxnique - Poses

You can see more of her performances on youtube, these are some of my favourites:

The Tale (skip to 1:30)



Expect alot of posts on theatrical inspiration, especially circus & Clowns. Their makeup comes in all shapes and sizes and is always fun to look at & i would love to re-create a look suitable to do on a night out - it's certainly on my to-do list! 

Love the one on the left!

I can't get enough of how much character you get from this photo. Amazing!

Even the Queen herself likes to clown around!
Lets not forget about the mimes...

Here's a 'prettier' editorial approach:


Another 'race' in the creative world that are known for their extreme makeup are the glorious Drag Queens. Below is a music video for Silencefiction's Lipstique, featuring female drag queen Fauxnique. I instantly fell in love with their sass and expression when a friend first showed me this. I also love Fauxnique's final look.

Silencefiction - Lipstique (featuring Fauxnique)


Androgynous Retro

Following on from my wanting to re-create the Butch Walker look, i also took a shine to the classy style of the gentlemen pictured below. I was drawn in by the Jazzy blazers, smart-chic, cute bow/silk ties, boater hats and the overall clean/classy look. So I'm on the look out for a jazzy blazer, bow, basic braces & smart trousers. Lush.

Image taken from
Image taken from
Image taken from
Image taken from

I then came across this image & loved the lady on the left; oozing with sass & style.

Image taken from Google


Country Girl

   After being introduced to Butch Walker & the Black Widows i caught country fever. I was particularly taken by one of the guitarists style (forgive me for not knowing his name, oh how i want to know his name! haha) He had a gorgeous mint green guitar, a trashy-chic shirt - with some funky print (i forget the details) hanging, undone, over a t-shirt & braces, with classic jeans. Fit. So fit, i want to re-create this look for myself.
With this in mind i came across these beauties in Birmingham's COW vintage store (£8):

Then i got to thinking about the whole country look, & straight away i remembered how i LOVED the girls outfits in Primal Screams music video for 'Country Girl'. Here's some screen shots of her trashy glamour: 

Especially love the belly dancer-esque sequined bra & traditional cowgirl jacket.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Would you like to Super-Size your Ruff?

I get so much inspiration from costumes & up there in my list of theatrical fashionistas are Clowns. This post is all about their exaggerated tudor ruffs.

Here's some everyday adaptations:

Image from


Posture Poses Power

This Burlesque dancer caught my eye as she glows with class, style & grace. Perfect example of a lady.
Image taken from 


Ink Me!

My Tattoo inspiration; she has my hair-do, its only fair i nab ideas from her tattoo.
I love the colours & the closeness of the pattern.


Dust off the Scissors & Glue

Im back, with a back log of inspiration!