Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bindi Bliss

A bindi (meaning a drop, small particle, dot) is a forehead decoration worn in South Asia, usually a dot of red colour applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows, but it can also consist of a sign or piece of jewelry worn at this location. Traditionally the area between the eyebrows is said to be the sixth chakra, the seat of "concealed wisdom". According to followers of Hinduism, this chakra is the exit point for kundalini energy. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It is also said to protect against demons or bad luck.

Many Celebrities have donned the Bindi, and personally i love when people embrace other cultures & their fashion, you don't have to have the same beliefs but as long as there's that acknowledgment and respect of the meaning, its a beautiful thing. So, i intend to make a trip to Soho road and make use of the many Asian fashion boutiques that are practically on my door step. 
But for now? some photographic inspiration of course! 

The oh-so 90s Gwen Stefani 
No Doubt - Just A Girl music video
The more recent Katy Perry, inspired by her trip to India.


Clowning Around

So the fabulous JOEY VIVO and i made plans to meet up the other week and go shopping for props & costumes (which of course would double-up for day wear) and then retreat back to mine to get artsy and make some things. I had such a wonderful day! we browsed EVERYWHERE, from the vintage stores, to the highstreet stores, to the markets (oh such treasury treats in the markets!), so by the time we arrived back at mine time didn't want to be on our side. However, we did manage to squeeze in some 'Clowning Around', using various accessories around my room & those that JOEY brought along and our imagination/creativity we took some fabulous photos:

All in all, yet more time well spent.


Topshop Wishlist

My wish list from Topshop's new stock:

1. beaded godet maxi dress by  £250  2. lace trim playsuit  £50  3. corsellete leafy lace  £32  4. duffle coat  £80  5. leopard fur collar coat  £85  6. knitted lace jumper  £35  7. yellow auto walker  £18  8. blue baxtar jeans  £40  9. red skinny jeans  £40  10. cap twist sleeve silk shirt  £35  11. lace leotard by RARE  £29  12. SUNFLOWER peep toe platforms  £70  13. large punchlock leather satchel  £90  14. premium check tweed shorts  £38  15. gina dress by MOTEL  £39  16. chain dress by YUKI  £55  17. bow button silk skirt  £38  18. skeleton wedding tee  £20  19. flocked frame purse  £22  20. duck stone  £20  21. LEXI chunky platforms  £70  22. articulated owl drops  £8.50  23. MEMORY almond boots  £35