Thursday, 26 August 2010

Country Girl

   After being introduced to Butch Walker & the Black Widows i caught country fever. I was particularly taken by one of the guitarists style (forgive me for not knowing his name, oh how i want to know his name! haha) He had a gorgeous mint green guitar, a trashy-chic shirt - with some funky print (i forget the details) hanging, undone, over a t-shirt & braces, with classic jeans. Fit. So fit, i want to re-create this look for myself.
With this in mind i came across these beauties in Birmingham's COW vintage store (£8):

Then i got to thinking about the whole country look, & straight away i remembered how i LOVED the girls outfits in Primal Screams music video for 'Country Girl'. Here's some screen shots of her trashy glamour: 

Especially love the belly dancer-esque sequined bra & traditional cowgirl jacket.

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